With the mere intention of taking abroad one of the most valuable treasure of Mexican culture, a very Mexican culinary project began of downtown Houston, Texas. It was strange but for personal reasons, we went there, and this is where the journey began, our Fishe. Already with an eye towards the North American market. At that time the famous Argentine television station Utilísima, and later Sony Entertainment, had the great idea of ​​making us known not only through the flavors of our cuisine, but also through the television, recording every detail about the beginning of La Fishe:

The construction, assembly, preparation and opening of our project, allowed us to be known through the reality show "Aquiles en Houston", broadcasted throughout Latin America through Utilísima. But we realized that our thing was our Mexican touch, and once the gabacho was conquered, we decided to return to México. With the fixed idea that our people and country are the one that we had to enchant, we returned to offer our hearts doing what we like to do the most, please our costumers palates with the best of the traditional Mexican flavors.